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Lincoln Avenue Could see Rapid Bus Service from Alameda Point through to Fruitvale BART

Residents along Lincoln Avenue might either benefit from or have to contend with a Rapid Bus Service proposed to run from Alameda Point, through the city, and across the Miller Sweeney Bridge to Fruitvale BART, if a $9 million city-sponsored projects comes to pass.

The proposal is one of roughly half a dozen ways the Alameda County Transportation Commission plans to spend over $241 million on projects tied to Alameda should a transportation tax increase be approved by voters on the November ballot.

The tax measure would double the existing Alameda County “Measure B” half-cent sales tax for transportation to one full cent, and extend the new, higher tax rate, through 2022 into perpetuity.

Alameda City Council and the Planning Board have approved the inclusion of the project in the Transportation Expenditure Plan that outlines how $7.7 billion of the taxes raised will be spent over thirty years. The plan explains that the bus service is intended to support development at Alameda Point.

No specifics on how the service would work, and what the impacts on Lincoln Avenue might be, are provided in city or county documentation, however.

Yesterday, AC Transit announced that San Leandro City Council approved that agency’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project which is planned to run from San Leandro BART and through downtown Oakland. Oakland City Council is expected to vote on the project today.

5 comments to Lincoln Avenue Could see Rapid Bus Service from Alameda Point through to Fruitvale BART

  • Barb

    In plain English you are talking about taking away a lane of travel for cars in each direction and having a dedicated BUS LANE instead. Right?

    What happens at Oak/Lincoln to Oak/Park where there is only one lane of traffic in each direction of travel? No cars at all?

    Is this really such a good idea?

  • Marie

    Nope! Not when you can hop on a 51 bus and get to downtown BART much
    more quickly through the tube, unless you live east of Grand St.

  • John Thomson

    Where are the reasonably close (within 45 minutes) transit oriented (dense) employment centers that will be serviced by this route? How much more efficient would this be compared to the 51?

    Alameda Point will require a high level transit service (independent of the tube traffic) that goes directly to the BART stations on Broadway in Oakland to have any hope of not overwhelming the island with traffic. Connecting Alameda Point to Bart Fruitvale (and points south of there via BART) is nice but it will always be a secondary East Bay connection for the Point; the primary connection needs to be to downtown Oakland (and on to Berkeley, Walnut Creek/Concord and the City).

    With a good transit connection to downtown Oakland, a Lincoln Ave Rapid Bus may not make any sense. Of course that good transit connection to downtown Oakland will require mega bucks that could only come sometime during future generations. A Lincoln Rapid Bus line will do very little to reduce traffic caused by the Point, I expect you would not be able to notice the difference.

  • I’m still trying to figure out why people who live at Alameda Point and work in San Francisco would take a bus in the opposite direction to go miles out of their way to get to Fruitvale BART…

  • Barb

    They wouldn’t. No one in their right mind will. Of course the bus drivers will get paid.

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