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Community Meeting on Invasive Spartina Coastal Cordgrass

The Public Works Department and the California State Coastal Conservancy are planning a community meeting on Thursday, August 2nd, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss efforts to control Spartina, an invasive species.

According to the San Francisco Invasive Spartina Project website, the invasive Spartina cordgrass has spread rapidly over the last 25 years, altering both the San Francisco Bay’s marsh composition and structure. Spartina has become established in numerous wetland habitats and marsh restoration sites throughout the Bay.

Officials use a nontoxic (to human life) herbicide to try to control the weed along Alameda’s shoreline.

The meeting will be held in Conference Room 360 at Alameda City Hall.

1 comment to Community Meeting on Invasive Spartina Coastal Cordgrass

  • Action Alameda,

    Thanks for the notice on the cord grass. The control program has just about killed all of the grass along the bay front in my neighborhood.

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