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Transportation Commission to Review Outcome of Shoreline Drive Traffic Lane Reduction Meeting

This Wednesday, the Alameda Transportation Commission will accept a report on a June 28th meeting to discuss a proposal to reduce automobile lanes on Shoreline Drive in favor of implementing bicycle lanes.

According to the report from the meeting, some questioned why the project is being undertaken at all. Reported comments from the meeting include:

  • Do not need the bike lane project; it wastes money.
  • I read about the economic condition of our city and wonder why we are discussing this expense right now when we apparently are in such dire straits.
  • I feel any city funding (10 percent) can be better spent on our hospital, police and fire Department and education. Even if the federal funds cover 90 percent of the cost, Alameda still has to pick up the remaining cost.

Some suggested simply widening the existing pedestrian/bicycle track along Shoreline Drive to provide separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Others questioned the wisdom of running buses down Shoreline Drive.

One person questioned why participants aren’t asked to indicate where they live: “this meeting was supposed to be for Alameda residents and there are a few Oakland residents here.”

The Transporation Commission meets Wednesday, July 25th, at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers at Alameda City Hall. Members of the public may attend and provide public comment on items that appear before the commission.

3 comments to Transportation Commission to Review Outcome of Shoreline Drive Traffic Lane Reduction Meeting

  • Barb

    Typical nonsense. People who live off of Shoreline (where I grew up) are decidely against this. So what if 90% of the money is the federal government giving us back our tax dollars? Not relevant.

    What it means is that it will make getting onto Shoreline from the feeder residential streets, will go from bad to impossible. A bus lane? Sure another one of those stupid dedicated lane feeder buses to take you from the west end to east end of the island then to BART to take you to SFO.

    What most people do not realize is that due to the alluvial currents that hit this manmade beach, the sand is continunally shifted to the east. And the beach needs to be replenished FOREVER!!!! at our cost, or Shoreline Drive, and then the little houses, and on past Island, will all be washed away. Another gift of the developers who filled the bay, and FORGOT to tell us we would have this problem FOREVER!! They filled the bay, built the homes, took their money and fled. The last Earthquake caused major damage here due to liquefaction. Of course the council at that time, was just like the one today: You put your money down and buy it.

    Another path on the manmade beach for the bikes, if people continue to be so discourteous to each other, is the best, until we see what GLOBAL WARMING is going to do. Maybe we should use the fed funds, for a seawall.

  • Marie

    You are very right Barb. Your comments in paragraph 3 need to be repeated over and over again. There is no “fix” for Shoreline.

  • cg

    It’s not just “Bike Lanes”. It’s a 2-way, Cycle Track, on the beach side only, with rubber posts separating it from the 2-lane, 2-way traffic. Picture that plus buses! Something that wide should only be set physically apart from the cars, up on the dunes. Since the whole beach ecology is artificial, the dunes can be moved toward the Bay. Unfortunately, this was a “Delphi” meeting: stocked with representatives from East Bay Bicycle Coalition, who neither live nor drive in Alameda. They were positioned at each “breakout” table to steer the discussion so that every single table “preferred” their alternative: to make Alameda their private bicycle park, motor vehicles be damned!