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Teachers Slam School District Headquarters Vote

The Facebook page for the Alameda Education Association, the labor union representing teachers in the Alameda Unified School District, lit up after the school district board of trustees approved a $3.5 million plan to move the district’s headquarters office from Alameda High School to privately leased space near Marina Village.

Previously Alameda Education Association (AEA) president Gray Harris had directed Action Alameda News to the group’s Facebook page when asked for comment.

On Friday evening, after the vote, the group posted on its Facebook page, “And the results are: Spencer and Sherratt vote no, McMahon and Tam and Mooney vote yes. This means the District will spend the $3.5 million on new office space. Please remember this in November when you choose new Board members.”

Two school board trustees, Trish Spencer and Ron Mooney are up for re-election this November.

The condemnation of the board from union, teachers and members of the public was stern:

“It is sad to see a crowd of educators, contractors, architects and design professionals trying to reason with the board at the podium while they close their eyes and tune out our professional experience comments.”

“I’m so sad at the direction this district has gone. EHS has broken windows.. Over a dozen classrooms with chalkboards, broken heaters, filthy stained carpets, classrooms with peeling paint, a blacktop area rutted with holes, faded no. Existed lines for basketball courts.. I can go on and on!”

“The voices of experts spoke against the rashness of this move, they spoke on several occasions, they spoke from different perspectives and presented different reasons; none from the community spoke in favor (in spite of the superintendents claim that 6000 households had been called).”

“Lets just say that I will not be voting for the Board members who vote yes on this item (If they decide to run for election again). This is not fiscally responsible to me.”

The school district has an option to buy the leased location at 2060 Challenger Drive which expires at the end of next year.

The Alameda Unified School District will move its district office and the Alameda Adult School to this site at 2060 Challenger Drive in Alameda.

4 comments to Teachers Slam School District Headquarters Vote

  • randy wong

    $1.75 square feet is too much.
    the school district need to spend their money wisely

  • Barb

    So how much money did they get with their last parcel tax? Just enough to pay for this, the raises for the administrator and the rest of the administrators, and lawyers? Did the children get anything? It is clear that the teachers were big losers.

    They apparently figure that by the time a new parcel tax is needed, the voters will have forgotten where the money went. The saying about those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, should be the motto of AUSD.

  • Robert

    Is this lease price calculated on the costs associated with the refinance of the Marina Village bonds? A second cost/ Tax issued by the vote of council?(Not by Vote of the Citizens)
    The school district is sitting on 10’s of Millions of dollars in Real Assets, that should have been considered before this lavish lease.
    Miss appropriating of district funds for pre K care or excessively expensive administraion demands some folks being fired by the new ? school board and new ? city council in Nov.

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