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Updated Campaign Financing Statements on Measure C Election

Semi-annual campaign disclosure filings provide an updated picture of financing for the June 5th sales tax increase ballot measure, Measure C. The measure failed at the ballot.

Measure C promised to fund public safety equipment, a new emergency operations center, a new fire station number 3, a new aquatic center, library renovations and a new sports field.

Citizens for Preserving Alameda, the proponent committee for the measure reported spending $77,855.93 in the first half of this year to advocate passage of Measure C. Of that money spent, $33,657.93 reportedly came from the Alameda Firefighters Association. Between May 20th and June 30th, the firefighters association contributed $18,657.93 to the plan. The Alameda Police Officers Association contributed $5,000 in that same time period, for a total of $29,999 in contributions. A handful of labor unions made contributions of $1,000 or less.

Alamedans Against Measure C, the group that advocated against the measure, spent $2,530.53 on the “No on C” campaign in the first half of the year, raising $682 between late May and the end of June. Contributions to the campaign and expenditures were made my individual Alameda residents.

Based on these figures, the proponents spent roughly $9 per “yes” vote, and the opponents spent roughly 30 cents per “no” vote.

Separately, the Alameda Firefighters Association Political Action Committee reported raising $10,815.84 from members in the first half of 2012.

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