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Piece of Alameda Now on Mars

Wind River, an embedded and mobile software company owned by Intel and based in Alameda, announced today that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses Wind River technology on the Curiosity rover that agency successfully landed on the planet Mars last night.

The space agency said that the rover landed on Mars last night at about 10:32 p.m. near the foot of a mountain three miles high inside the 96-mile wide Gale Crater. The rover has a two-year primary mission to investigate whether or not there is evidence the planet has ever supported life.

Curiosity uses Wind River’s real-time operating system software and relied on the software for the complex entry, descent and landing process.

Wind River says its software first went into space in 1994 on the Clementine moon probe, and then again on the Mars Pathfinder mission in 1996.

Technology from Wind River of Alameda is used on NASA’s Curiosity Martian rover, which sent back this image after landing on the red planet. (NASA)

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