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Racial Discrimination Alleged in City of Alameda Recreation Department Hiring

The City of Alameda Civil Service Board will hear a report this Wednesday evening on an external personnel investigation regarding the filling of a Recreation Services Specialist Position, and also to consider a request to vacate the recruitment.

Karen Kramer, an attorney with Karmer-Wiese filed her report on August 13th, in response to a request from City Attorney Janet Kern to investigate allegations of racial discrimination regarding a recruitment conducted by the City of Alameda for the position of Recreations Services Specialist.

The recruitment took place in April of this year, with an eligibility list created on April 17th. Three applicants of Hispanic and Asian descent, who were the three lowest ranked applicants, appealed the rankings. All three have said that they were not selected for the position because the former Recreation and Parks Director Dale Lillard was biased against them, either for not liking them, or possibly because of their race. All three were ultimately given layoff notices.

One of the appellants claims that one of the top-three rank candidates for the position owns a landscaping business that he runs on a full-time basis, and it would be a conflict of interest for him to hold the Recreation Services Specialist position.

Two of the appellants claimed that the recruitment process was structured to ensure that candidates pre-selected for the position by Dale Lillard ranked highest.

Ms. Kramer’s report concludes that racial bias was not a factor in the selection process.

The report, and and supplemental documentation is available here and here.

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