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New Cafe to Modify Boniere Bakery Sign

A new cafe is coming to 1417 Park Street, the location of the former Boniere Bakery. However, it might mean modifications to the history bakery sign.

Betty Gee, owner of Betty’s Cafe, said to be “coming soon” to the location, is seeking approval to alter the historically designated “Boniere Bakery” sign.

The site was used as a bakery for over 75 years, until it closed almost two years ago.

The Historical Advisory Board will hold a public hearing on the sign modifications on September 6th. Interested parties can review documents related to the modification at the Community Development Department on the ground floor of Alameda City Hall.

A new tenant at the former Boniere Bakery on Park Street is seeking approval to modify the historically designated bakery sign.

1 comment to New Cafe to Modify Boniere Bakery Sign

  • Regina Beck

    Boniere Bakery is located on the original Boehmer property that ran almost the whole 1400 block of Park St. Boehmer build the property in 1876 and since then, there has been a bakery in this location. The current sign was installed in the 1930 and is considered
    “Art Deco”. We purchased the building in 1982 from Mr. Boehmer’s Granddaughter , who grew up in the area and shared the history of the building with us.
    My husband and I operated the bakery for nearly 25 years and sold it due to health problems in 1999.
    Betty Gee will be opening her “BETTY”S CAFE” in the next few weeks and we are very excited about the changes. We have seen the drawings of the new sign and have approved it. It is the same lettering, height and color as the old sign and will blend perfectly with the unchanged facade on the outside. The Boniere sign was the very first sign listed as historic in the city of Alameda.

    Regina Beck

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