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City of Alameda Working on O.Co Noise

Update: 8:50 p.m. – The City of Oakland Mayor’s office sent the following statement, below.

The City of Alameda issued a statement today saying that it is working with Alameda County Supervisors, Oakland, and the O.Co Coliseum to ensure there is no repeat of last Saturday’s event, which shook windows in San Leandro and Alameda and could be heard in Alameda’s west-end.

The news is small consolation to Alameda residents and parents who took to the Alameda Parents Network and other venues to complain about “That incessant booming sound” on Saturday evening. The source of the noise was the Insomniac Beyond Wonderland rave held in the parking lot of the Coliseum. Oakland reportedly issued the organizers a permit to go until 2:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Condemnation of the noise on the parents network was swift:

“It is hard to be happy for people partying to 2am when you have to get up at 4am to work. It is not a weekend for everyone.”

“My walls are shaking on BayFarm! Crazy loud here…hope people can still hear afterwards.”

“It is against every noise and decency ordinance there is.The promoter that is putting this on is the same one that put on the rave at the Cow Palace where the large number of people died from drug overdoses. The City officials of Oakland don’t care about anybody no matter what City you live in. People should file a Small Claims Action against Oakland and its individual Politicians for the assault on our senses. Ask Alameda to file formal complaints against Oakland for this violation!!!”

And at 11:12 p.m.:

“Yeah, we only just got our 4 year old to sleep now because the noise is so intense that it is literally shaking the windows here. This is going to make tomorrow morning rather difficult as we have to get up early to start the day. And we are almost 3 miles away from it, with houses and trees between us and the wonderland rave. I cannot imagine what it must be like for the people on the south side of Alameda who look straight across the water at the Coliseum.”

Several participants posted contact information for the Oakland Police Department and City of Oakland officials to register complaints.

Officials at the City of Oakland have not yet responded to a request for a statement.

Alameda officials say that the City of Oakland has issued a public, formal, apology.

Late tonight, the City of Oakland Mayor’s office responded with what they termed a “Joint Statement from the City of Oakland and the operators of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum regarding complaints about Saturday night’s “Beyond The Wonderland” event in the parking lots surrounding the Coliseum:”

“We apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience that the “Beyond The Wonderland” event caused to the residents of the cities of Alameda and San Leandro; and completely understand and acknowledge that the volume of the sound produced during last night’s “Beyond the Wonderland” show caused discomfort and inconvenience to our neighbors. While adjustments to the sound were made following the afternoon’s sound check, they were clearly not sufficient to control the impact upon residents of our closest cites during a show taking place in the evening.

“To insure that this situation does not again occur, we are committing to undertaking an immediate review of the situation including the production of a full acoustical report to help us create new procedures for the management of audio production; reviewing current policies and practices for live events and working with local municipalities to review procedures on advising and coordinating with neighboring cities.

“While this was the first time for this sort of evening event in our parking lot, we are dedicated to insuring that these types of issues are not repeated.”

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