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Alameda City Council Approves Purchase of New Fire Boat, New Police Vehicles, and New Armored Vehicle

The Alameda Police Department will buy a Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) vehicle for $174,000

At Tuesday’s Alameda City Council meeting, Council approved the purchase a new $500,000 fire boat, a $174,000 armored vehicle and 10 additional staff and patrol cars for the police fleet.

Standing in for Police Chief Mike Noonan, Captain Dave Boersma explained that they investigated the possibility of sharing a vehicle like the Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport (BATT) with neighboring jurisdictions, but nearby agencies either didn’t want to share the one they already own, or wanted to acquire a vehicle for their own exclusive use, to minimize response times. The new BATT will replace a 1987 GMC vehicle that was acquired by the department ‘used’ in 1998, and put of service last year when the engine froze, and the vehicle was deemed unserviceable.

The fire boat will be funded with $375,000 of federal homeland security grant money, and the City of Alameda will pick up the rest of the purchase price. The Fire Department still needs to find $8,000 per year to service the boat, however.

10 comments to Alameda City Council Approves Purchase of New Fire Boat, New Police Vehicles, and New Armored Vehicle

  • Adam Gillitt

    Is the city expecting Armageddon? Will the new firehouse have a safe room? When is the parcel tax due to pay for all this unnecessary crap?

  • Ho Li

    I don’t see the point in having an armored vehicle or more police vehicles. I would rather see security check points at the bridges. Verified residents, business owners and employees should be issued transponders that are updated six-monthly for quick crossing while others have to go through check points.

  • Councilmember Lena Tam cited 5 murders in Oakland over the weekend as partial justification for the BATT.

  • Marie

    How do armored vehicles prevent murders or crime? If people in Alameda or elsewhere take to the streets, isn’t this a protected right? City leaders should then dialog with the demonstrators, rather than bring out the big guns and tanks. Purchase of an armored truck means they plan to use it! Doesn’t this creep anyone else out?

  • The North Hollywood shootout scared a lot of agencies. Alameda PD acquired their first BATT-type vehicle the year after:

    But one wonders about the likelihood of this happening in Alameda, and whether or not it might be used for other purposes, such as to quell a protest.

    I wasn’t able to watch the entire City Council discussion – not sure if APD indicated how many times they had cause to use the previous vehicle between 1998 and 2011.

  • Jo

    shame on the mayor and city council puppet’s

  • jack

    Want to stop crime do more traffic stop . Oh but it is not politically correct .

  • DHL

    I suspect that the APD wants to be invited to provide mutual aid to Oakland. I agree, this is RIDICULOUS. Worse, it makes me feel less safe as a resident of Alameda: do I and my neighbors need the APD to have this kind of equipment?! Hell no!

  • Pat Berton

    Like the Boy Scouts say “always be prepared”. I suppose Denise if you don’t like it , you can always move out of Alameda since you are a renter. You can go be a thorn in another city instead of wasting countless man hours with your continous paperwork demands on a city staff that’s been drastically reduced due to budget cuts.

  • Look Pat, we get it. You’re an Alameda Fire Department firefighter in disguise, or at least a big AFD/public safety booster, perhaps a firefighter in another district, or a relative of one (I remember you claiming to live in San Leandro at one point…) who thinks that public safety agencies should get everything they want, almost without limit.

    But we live in a participatory democracy, and you’ve got no business attacking Denise, or anyone else for that matter, for exercising their right to participate in their government.

    If YOU don’t like citizens and taxpayers exercising their rights, perhaps YOU should move to a place like Syria or China where authoritarian governments heavily restrict citizens’ rights and crackdown heavily on those who dissent or challenge the government.

    And further, some would argue that if there’s a budget problem, it’s due at least in part to spending on boats, armored vehicles, trucks, new fire stations and emergency operations centers that may or may not be needed, or desired by the residents.

    We could turn it around and say that our rights to participate in our government are being hindered by the outsized power wielded by public safety unions who demand ever increasing shares of the budget.

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