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Fire Dispatch Services Contract Under City Council Consideration Next Week

The City of Alameda’s contract with Alameda County fire dispatch services is up for renewal. (File photo.)

At next week’s Alameda City Council meeting, Council is expected to renew it’s contract with the Alameda County Fire Department for operation of Alameda Fire Department dispatch services.

The Alameda County Regional Emergency Communications Center (ACRECC) based at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been providing dispatch services for the Alameda Fire Department since 2002.

To date, these services have been provided through an informal memorandum of understanding; now the relationship will be realized in a formal agreement.

The agreement before Alameda City Council’s consideration next week will be for five years, with a possible five year extension. For the current fiscal year, it will cost the City of Alameda $232,556.

ACRECC provides fire and medical dispatch for several East Bay cities and towns, three national laboratories in the East Bay, the Camp Parks Combat Support Training Center and all of unincorporated Alameda County.

The idea of combining the different jurisdictions’ communications systems into a single system arose after the 1991 Oakland Hills fire, when the various fire departments that Oakland called on for mutual aid couldn’t use and monitor each other’s radio frequencies.

In 2011, ACRECC dealt with more than 130,000 emergency calls, more than half of them medical response calls.

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