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Austrian Wind Power Giant Uses Alameda Technology

Wind River Bachmann electronic

Austrian wind power giant Bachmann electronic GmbH is using technology from Alameda’s Wind River in its next-generation wind turbine controller.

Alameda-based Wind River, an Intel Corporation subsidiary, announced today that the Austrian wind power giant Bachman electronic has standardized on Wind River technology in its next-generation controller used in wind turbine applications.

According to Bachmann’s website, the company is the number one supplier of technology to automate wind power plants, with more than 60,000 installed systems and a greater-than-fifty percent market share.

The company says that the new controller using Wind River software also has applications beyond wind turbines and can be used across a range of energy applications.

In a statement, Alexander Damisch, director of industrial solutions at Wind River said that Bachmann saved time and money in development of the controller by standardizing on Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system.

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