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Planning Board Seeks High End Retail Mix for Alameda Landing

catellus begins alameda landing

A Top Grade Construction crane begins demolition of WWII era buildings in Alameda to prepare the ground for Alameda Landing in July, 2012. (File photo)

By Erica Madison

“Please keep the bar high,” board member Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft said at a recent Planning Board meeting about Alameda Landing.

Ashcraft and Lorre Zuppan were concerned that the new Target coming to Alameda Point would scare away potential high end retail. The shopping center is going to be 285,000 square feet, with Target taking half of the space.

Catellus’ vice president of development Sean Whiskeman wasn’t able to provide any examples in his 26 page update of the retail strategy for Alameda Landing; nevertheless he did assure the council that he was trying to market the area to high end retailers, but wouldn’t name any names.

The retail assessment report Catellus presented was update to their original 2006 report.

“The retail market has changed, so this is an adjustment that reflects this new market,” Whiskeman said.

The study showed that the City of Alameda was among the lowest in the Bay Area in terms of the sales taxed earned from retail revenue.

“I’ve found that the retail leakage is very high, meaning residents are spending their money outside of Alameda,” Amy L. Herman, Principal at ALH Urban & Regional Economics said.

Herman conducted the study update on behalf of Catellus and presented the findings to the Planning Board.

The study looks at consumer spending at different income levels to predict how they will spend and creates a profile in order to determine what the best mix of retail will generate the most revenue.

The three areas where retail leakage is the highest:

  • General Merchandise is losing $137.2 million;
  • Motor Vehicles & Parts Dealers is losing $124.1 million
  • Building Materials & Garden Equipment is losing $68.9 million.

Alameda Landing will definitely have a grocery, although Catellus is unsure of whom it will be at this time.

Board member Mike Henneberry cautioned Whiskerman on being selective on who takes the spot.

“I hope you’ll be sensitive to the fact that Alameda has high wages and benefits for its employees,” Henneberry said.  “I think we’re on the right path. As long as we’re going to protect Alameda grocery employees we’ll be okay.”

Whiskerman assured the council that was one of Catellus’ priorities.

“Whatever we do we’re looking to add and not take away.”

5 comments to Planning Board Seeks High End Retail Mix for Alameda Landing

  • Jo

    They always over promise and under deliver … like Nob Hill shopping area … they promised fine dining and we got pizza hut.
    they also promised high end anchor stores at S Shore [Towne Center] and we got ROSS and Dress Barn
    Don’t get your hopes up too high … this is a pattern

  • Marie

    Even the Harbor Bay shopping center is a bit of a zero.

  • The reality is that the median income in Alameda is $66,781/year. In Walnut Creek, it’s $86,613. (U.S. Census Data.)

    We’ll never have Walnut Creek-style stores with Alameda-style income.

  • Denise

    What I want to know is if/when Target is built, what road are they going to take to get there? We only have so many ways on and off our island. The answer will most likely be the Tube between Alameda & Oakland. It already takes me 20 minutes sometimes to get off the island (from Central) in the a.m. because there are 6 traffic lanes that merge into 2 lanes, creating traffic jams. Add traffic coming in, particularly during the holidays, to the mix and it will take even longer to get back home from the Oakland side of the Tube.

  • Yes, it’s reasonable to expect they will take the tube(s). When Target was trying to go into South Shore Shopping Center, the people opposed to it at the Willows uncovered information that the primary audience for Target was people living outside of Alameda, as they can’t place a Target in the city of Oakland.

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