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Achievement Gap Persists in Alameda Schools

Test score data shows that 13 percent of Alameda schools did not meet API growth targets, and 7 percent of schools declined or remained the same.

Recently released test scores for the 2011 to 2012 school year show that despite improvement in some subgroups of Alameda students, the achievement gap persists.

Washington Elementary school clocked the lowest performance among eleven elementary schools in Alameda, realizing a 55 point decline in its Academic Performance Index (API), according to California Department of Education statistics. The school was the only one among all Alameda schools that failed to meet it’s school-wide and student subgroup API growth targets.

Enrollment data shows that Washington Elementary was the most diverse elementary school in the district, with no racial subgroup representing more than 22 percent of enrollment. In contrast, Edison Elementary school enrollment is 66 percent White, not Hispanic.

Based on Department of Education data, Washington Elementary would have been in Program Improvement for the 2012 to 2013 school year, but the school district re-cast the facility as Maya Lin Elementary school for the 2012 to 2013 school year, featuring an arts magnet curriculum.

In an announcement, the Alameda Unified School District acknowledged the achievement gap and noted that, overall, not all subgroups made their progress goals this past year. The English Learner subgroup dropped in English Language Acquisition proficiency from 60.2 percent to 59.5 percent and in math from 67.8 percent to 67.3 percent.

William G. Paden Elementary school was in Program Improvement last year, but met its adequate yearly progress goals, so it will not progress in Program Improvement. However, Ruby Bridges Elementary school progressed to year 2 in Program Improvement for this school year, Will C. Wood Middle school entered year 3 of Program Improvement and the Academy of Alameda, a charter school, entered year 1 of Program Improvement for this year. As with Washington Elementary, the Academy of Alameda did not meet it’s school-wide nor subgroup API target.

Like Washington Elementary, Paden, Ruby Bridges, Wood and the Academy of Alameda are highly diverse schools.

The district plans to present a detailed analysis of the data at an upcoming Board of Trustees meeting.

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