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Redevelopment Successor Agency Board to Meet Tonight

City Hall West at Alameda Point. The former Naval Air Station Alameda represented a vast redevelopment project area created by the former Community Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda.

A City of Alameda body that has oversight of the winding down of the city’s redevelopment agency will meet tonight. Among the items on the agenda is a resolution budgeting up to $74,000 for financial consulting work from Keyser Marston Associates.

Redevelopment agencies in the State of California were dissolved as of February 1st, 2012, after a lengthy court fight. Alameda’s redevelopment agency under State law was the Community Improvement Commission (CIC).

The Successor Agency to the Community Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda is a mandated oversight body charged with unraveling the operations of the CIC in an orderly fashion.

In June, Governor Jerry Brown signed bill AB1484 which took effect immediately and amended the original redevelopment shutdown bill. The amendment increased the reporting and due diligence requirements for redevelopment agency windups.

One impact to be considered by the oversight board tonight is a $44,500 budget increase for Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. of San Francisco for financial services including reporting an analysis.

The increase will bring the total budget for the firms contract to $74,000 through June 30th, 2013.

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