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Roads Used by Alameda Drivers Fair to Middling

A new report rates pavement conditions in the Bay Area.(File photo)

A report on Bay Area pavement conditions released yesterday by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) reveals what Alameda drivers already know – the roads they use rate “fair” at best.

The report, “Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for Bay Area Jurisdictions, 2011” grades more than 42,600 lane miles of roadways in the nine-county region. The 275 lane miles in the city of Alameda were graded “fair” with a PCI of 67 for the latest year. A PCI of 90 or above is considered “excellent” on the scale, which tops out at 100 points.

Some 1,964 lane miles of roadway in Oakland, which Alameda residents need to use to get to any where else, ranked 57 on the PCI scale, or “at risk.”

Roadways that rank “at risk” or the even lower “poor” rating require major rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Alameda County ranked 73, or good, while, overall, the Bay Area rates an average of 66 on the PCI scale, or “fair.”

MTC Chair and San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier blames the lack of money for the sub-par state of local streets and roads.

However, the MTC says that one way that cities and counties are stretching their road work dollars is through the use of new technologies such as cold-in-place recycling, which uses specialized machinery to shave existing pavement to a depth of up to eight inches, pulverizes it, mixes it with additives and then lays it back down on the road.

1 comment to Roads Used by Alameda Drivers Fair to Middling

  • Barb

    We won’t get the roads that our tax dollars should entitle us to until a firefighter falls off a fire truck responding to a “medicl emergency” due to poor conditions and suffers serious or fatal injury.

    How about an initiative that limits pay of all city and hospital district employees to no more than what the governor makes?

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