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No Sunshine for City Council Closed Session Minutes

Alameda City Attorney Janet Kern is recommending that the City of Alameda not disclose minutes of City Council closed-session meetings, in keeping with the City’s so-called sunshine ordinance, approved by council last year.

The issue comes before Alameda City Council at next week’s regularly scheduled council meeting. Council is to accept a report from City Attorney Janet Kern that states, “After a review of the closed session minutes of the Alameda City Council, dating from the adoption of the Sunshine Ordinance in February 2012 to the end of July 2012, I have determined that there are no closed session minutes that may be disclosed at this time.”

The Alameda Sunshine Ordinance, approved by City Council with much fanfare in November, 2011 and formally adopted in February of this year, added language to Alameda’s Municipal Code, reading, “Minutes of all closed sessions of any policy body covered by this article, with the exception of closed sessions on Charter Officer performance shall be taken by the City Clerk or designee. The City Attorney shall semi-annually make a determination of whether any closed session minutes should continue to be exempt from disclosure, based on whether disclosure would be detrimental to the City, and shall provide a report to Council.”

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