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County Updates Vote Tallies

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters updated vote counts today. The registrar reportedly had some 140,000 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots to count as of yesterday. However, while the vote tallies are changing, the overall results are not.

The updated counts haven’t changed the rank order of the candidates in the Alameda City Council, school board and hospital board races. Measure B1 has inched closer, but is still falling short of the 66.67 percent ‘yes’ hurdle to pass.

Updated count tables are below.

Candidate# Votes% Votes
Trish Spencer1032621.36%
Barbara Kahn818516.93%
Niel Tam663713.73%
Jon Murphy517910.71%
Michael Robles-Wong489310.12%
Ron Mooney45119.33%
Tom Lynch37707.80%
Robert Mann24305.03%
Kurt Peterson23084.77%
Candidate# Votes% Votes
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft864225.08%
Tony Daysog620018.00%
Stewart Chen585517.00%
Jeff Cambra545915.85%
Jane Sullwold435212.63%
Gerard Valbuena Dumuk20876.06%
Joana Darc Weber17835.18%
Candidate# Votes% Votes
Michael McCormick1000535.29%
Jordan Battani687924.27%
Tracy Jensen603421.29%
Leland Traiman531018.73%

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