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Alameda Municipal Power Warns of Telephone Scam Targeting Businesses

Alameda Municipal Power Office

Alameda Municipal Power is warning local businesses about a telephone scam. (File Photo)

Alameda Municipal Power was warning local businesses today about a telephone scam aimed at duping customers into making payments to a fraudulent party.

The utility says that someone has been calling local businesses and impersonating an Alameda Municipal Power representative, claiming that the customer’s electric account is past due and service is about to be disconnected. The scammer goes on to explain how to provide payment via credit card or Green Dot MoneyPaks. Any such payment won’t go to Alameda Municipal Power (AMP).

So far, the scam is affecting business, but not residential customers.

AMP says that it will never ask for credit card numbers or wire transfers by telephone, and makes only courtesy calls to delinquent customers; anyone who receives a telephone call demanding payment should be suspicious.

Anyone who thinks they may have fallen victim of the scam should call their credit card company to cancel their card and call the Alameda Police Department to file a crime report.

AMP provided these additional guidelines for customers to protect themselves:

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