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Alameda Per Capita Sales Tax Up

Next week, Alameda City Council will receive the latest quarterly sales tax report for the period ending September 30th, 2012. In line with broader trends in Alameda County and the Bay area, per capital sales tax revenue for the city is up.

City of Alameda sales tax revenue for the quarter was $1.585 million, with the Business and Industry category leading the way, generating 30 percent of total revenue.

Harbor Bay Business Park generated the greatest share of sales tax revenue, claiming 22 percent of the total, followed closely by the South Shore Shopping Center, which generated 21 percent of the total for the quarter.

The Park Street, South of Lincoln district saw a 31 percent increase in revenue in the quarter, compared to the same quarter the previous year, but it still can’t break out above 12 percent of total revenue generated. The district is home to the Alameda Theater multiplex and parking garage, which were billed as sales tax generators in their proposal stage some five years ago.

Overall, Alameda County, the Bay area and California in general, like Alameda, saw an uptick in per capital sales tax revenue in the quarter. So did nearby San Leandro, Oakland and Berkeley.

Sales tax revenue is the fourth largest source of General Fund revenue for the City of Alameda, representing 7 percent of total budgeted revenues for fiscal year 2012 to 2013.

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