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Forum on American Labor Crisis

This week's forum is on the Crisis in American Labor.

This week’s forum is on the Crisis in American Labor.

The Alameda Public Affairs Forum is offering a forum at the Alameda Free Library this Saturday, titled, “Crisis in American Labor.”

Organizers of the forum explain the need for a public discussion thusly: Michigan, home of the modern American labor movement has passed a draconic “right to work law” that undermines the power of organized labor and signals a broad attack on organized labor. Not only is the labor movement but American democracy itself is under attack. Without the political muscle of the labor movement the rights of women, health legislation, and a range of progressive causes are threatened.

Consequently, organizers have invited three longtime labor activists from the Bay area to present their thoughts on the current state of labor.

  • TENAYA LAFORE – A long-time labor and community activist who recently earned a Master’s degree in Education at UC Berkeley and is currently working as an organizer for the union that represents Teaching Assistants in the UC System.
  • MIKE PARKER – A long-time labor and community activist who was a UAW member in Detroit for more than three decades. He is now involved in grassroots organizing for the Richmond Progressive Alliance.
  • STEVE EARLY – Mr. Early has been active in the labor movement since 1972 and has worked on the national staff of the Communications Workers of America. He is the author of two books: EMBEDDED WITH ORGANIZED LABOR and THE CIVIL WARS IN U.S. LABOR.
  • The event takes place, Saturday January 12th 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Alameda Free Library at the corner of Oak Street and Lincoln Avenue. Organizers ask for a donation of $5 to $10 at the door, but pledge to turn nobody away.

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