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Park Street Height Limits to Go Up

A 40' height limit for Park Street buildings may soon be deleted from Alameda's General Plan. (File photo.)

A 40′ height limit for Park Street buildings may soon be deleted from Alameda’s General Plan. (File photo.)

A 40 foot height limit for buildings on Park Street may soon go the way of the main street’s former auto businesses, according to a plan to be presented to the City of Alameda Planning Board next week.

On Tuesday, the Planning Department will present a draft resolution to the Board representing an overall vision of development for the North Park Street area, one bounded by the estuary, Tilden Way/Lincoln Avenue, and Oak Street. The area represents roughly 20 blocks of commercial, residential and industrial land uses.

The resolution includes zoning map amendments and general plan amendments for the planning area to support the Gateway District Strategic Plan which was crafted for the area in response to the closure of auto dealerships on Park Street.

Among the many changes is the deletion from the City of Alameda’s General Plan of a 40 foot height limit for buildings on Park Street.

Updates to zoning rules for Webster Street and Park Street in 2000 set a 60 foot height limit for Park Street in some areas, and a 40 foot height limit in others. However, at that time the General Plan was not updated to match.

Now, the Planning Department is recommending that Alameda City Council approve an amendment to the General Plan that would delete the 40 foot height limit altogether.

City staff prefer to address building height limits on Park Street through zoning rules, where it can be “fine-tuned” on a case-by-case basis.

Staff is recommending that the Planning Board hold a public hearing on this, and other issues in the North Park Street area plan, before sending it on to Alameda City Council.

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  • Stu

    What;s going on with the Alameda Theater..??? New manager is very suspicious. Tried repeatedly for over 6 hours to call the theater to confirm showtimes… Kept getting ‘Sorry – Mailbox Full’ recording. Eventually did go to a movie (The Impossible – Great movie..!). Asked for the manager and informed him about the the phone issue. “Gosh, I didn’t know…??” This was around 7 pm. Today I called just to see what would happen…”Sorry – Mailbox Full’. Dont’ take my word for it – call yourself.
    The kicker here is that I experienced the same thing with the Emerybay 10 and AMC 16 a couple of years ago, Twice drove over to see a movie and the showtimes had changed – wasted, incredibly annoying trip on each of two occasions. Finally just quit going since there was no phone service and no way to confirm showtimes.
    What is the common thread here- the same manager that was at the Emery and the AMC is now the manager at the Alameda Theater… Don’t know what his issue is, but either he can’t figure out how to empty a phone mailbox or it’s a deliberate attempt to screw up the works. Maybe he’s using the phone 16 hours a day on something else…???? Whatever it is, he needs to go back to where he came from.

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