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Mayor Appoints Ashcraft as Transportation Commission Representative

 Alameda City Hall

The City of Alameda has representatives on some 37 regional boards and commissions. (File photo.)

At a special meeting of City Council earlier this week, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore appointed Councilmember Marilyn Ashcraft to the City of Alameda’s representative seat on the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

The Commission, which oversees millions of dollars in transportation project spending in the county each year, is governed by a 22 member board with representation from all five Alameda County supervisor districts, 14 cities in the county, and from AC Transit and BART.

With the turnover in Alameda City Council due to the November, 2012, election, the City had to designate a new representative; outgoing councilmembers Rob Bonta and Beverly Johnson were the primary and alternate Commission representatives for Alameda.

However, the Mayor did not name a representative to Alameda County Transportation Commission Watchdog Commission. As reported previously by Action Alameda News, the Mayors’ Conference District 3 seat, which represents Alameda, is vacant.

The Mayor also named Councilmember Tony Daysog as an alternate representative for the AC Transit Inter-Agency Liaison Committee. Currently, Mayor Gilmore and Councilmember Lena Tam serve as liaison’s for that body.

The City of Alameda has representation on some 37 regional bodies, most of which are listed in the staff report, provided below.

City of Alameda Regional Bodies by

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