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Alameda’s Niman Ranch Hosts Sustainable Agriculture Program

Niman Ranch Hogs

Alameda’s Niman Ranch sponsors a food industry education program on sustainable agriculture. (Niman Ranch)

Last week, Niman Ranch hosted a two-day course on sustainable agriculture at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company says this was the fourth in a series of programs studying sustainable agriculture solutions.

In a statement, Niman Ranch said that the course was originally designed for employees, but they expanded the program after customers, partners, chefs and food industry retailers expressed an interest.

“Sustainability is about more than just the environment,” stated Jeff Tripician, Niman Ranch chief marketing officer and EVP.

The company says that the curriculum was developed by Dr. Kraig Peel, director of the CSU Western Center for Integrated Resource Management, and addresses topics ranging from ecosystem function, soil health, water cycle and livestock raising practices to economic impacts and strategies.

“Our goal was to develop a comprehensive program to look at agricultural sustainability beginning with the land and concluding with the production of a high quality protein product,” stated Dr. Peel. “We studied the soil, ecosystems and animal production systems, all of which impact sustainability. We concluded the program by looking closely at economic sustainability.”

Niman Ranch will host its fifth program in conjunction with the 15th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa, August 2013.

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