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Man Taken Into Custody at City Hall

Alameda City Hall

Last Wednesday, Alameda police took a man into custody at City Hall. (File photo.)

A man was taken into custody at City Hall on Wednesday night, during a public meeting regarding the development of the Beltline railway property into parkland. According to police logs, he was creating a disturbance and stated a “spirit” was going to embody him and “shoot” everyone.

A witness told Action Alameda News that the man, who had a small dog with him, evidently followed a crowd of meeting attendees into City Hall from the street. According to the witness, he wandered around the crowd, and although he didn’t seem to be a danger to anyone, he seemed “spaced out” and “certainly wasn’t acting normal.”

Alameda police took him (and the dog) into custody under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

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