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Alameda City Council to Vote on Park Street Gateway Plan

Alameda City Council will hold a public hearing on a re-zoning plan for Park Street, north of Lincoln, known as the North Park Street Gateway Strategic Plan.Alameda City Council will entertain a first reading, Tuesday, March 19th, of draft zoning text and map amendments to support the North Park Street Gateway Strategic Plan.

The Gateway Plan is intended to revitalize the north Park Street area known as “auto row” in light of the flight of automobile dealerships from the area, in favor of large auto malls located near freeway exits.

One recommendation from the process is to eliminate a General Plan policy statement that limits building heights on Park Street and Webster Street to three stories above grade level, or 35 to 40 feet. That action would take place in the future, but according to the staff report, the draft zoning ordinance as part of the plan would set height limits on Park Street to 60 feet.

This would pave the way for higher-density mixed use housing along Park Street.

Some public comments on the supporting documents have urged the extension of these zoning rules throughout Alameda.

The first reading of draft new code will take place next week, and a second reading is scheduled for April 2nd, with the new code slated to take effect May 2, 2013.

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