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City Responds on Software Purchase Questions

Deputy City Manager has responded to Action Alameda News' public records requests and articles about the purchase of Autonomy Enterprise Records Management Software.The City of Alameda responded yesterday to a public records request for information about a planned purchase of software from Autonomy, a Hewlett-Packard company that was accused last year of defrauding the Palo-Alto giant with what one industry insider described in the financial press as “vaporware.”

Action Alameda News has followed the issue since late March, through an April 2nd City Council vote. Action Alameda News requested copies of proposal solicitation notices and responses, and the names of 3 contractors referenced in the staff report, and ultimately approved by City Council on April 2nd.

Yesterday, Deputy City Manager Alex Nguyen responded to a records request initially filed March 21st, writing by e-mail: “The Electronic Records Management System we need and want is an off-the-shelf product. We are not interested in asking a company to come here and design a custom-built unique system for us. Hence, there was no rfq issued. I performed the bulk of the research in-house as to which product best meets Alameda’s needs. A range of products were reviewed: HP Autonomy; Worldox; LogicalDOC; Viewwise; Oracle; IBM; Novell; Microsoft; Google: and Perforce. Autonomy is the one that meets all our needs. The two consultant contracts for professional services (you have published their names already) did not require an rfq. The remainder of the funds (authorized for a possible third contract) is contingency in the event we need additional training for staff.”

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