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Options for Beltline Railway Park on the City Council Agenda Tuesday

Planning for the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park on the old Beltline property begins in February, 2013.

Alameda City Council will consider a conceptual plan for open space at the former Alameda Beltline Railway parcel on Tuesday, May 7th.

Staff will present to Alameda City Council on Tuesday a preferred conceptual use plan for park and recreational use of the former Alameda Beltline Railway parcel.

Staff reports are now referring to the land as the “future Alameda Beltline/Jean Sweeney Open Space Park.” Former Alameda resident Jean Sweeney was instrumental in researching the property and identifying contract language that enabled the City of Alameda to buy the land for a fraction of its current market value. Ms. Sweeney died in 2011 at age 72.

According to the staff report, environmental mediation may be required before any construction activity begins. Additionally, a 40′ strip of land is to be reserved for possible light rail use. (Transit advocates envision that one day there will be light rail running from Alameda Point, through Alameda, possibly to the Fruitvale Bridge, and using the adjacent railway bridge.)

The conceptual use plan to be proposed to City Council includes walking and bike trails, picnic areas, community gardens, playgrounds, open lawn areas and natural open space areas.

City of Alameda staff want the nod from Council to further develop the design, seek donations and grants to fund the park, and begin remediation efforts.

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