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Alameda Landing Homes Up for Review

alameda landing safeway

On May 13th, the Planning Board will entertain a design review of 253 homes planned for Alameda Landing. (Action Alameda News)

At Monday’s City of Alameda Planning Board meeting, planning department staff will present a design review for the 253 housing units already approved for Alameda Landing, in the West-end of town, near 5th Street and Stargell Avenue.

According to the staff report, the plan calls for 84 condominiums, 22 single-level flats, 56 townhomes and 91 single-family detached homes. The homes will be grouped into four neighborhoods.

The multifamily buildings will be roughly 40 feet high; flats and commercial space will be at ground level, while condos and townhomes will be located on the first, second and third floors of each building.

Condos will range in size from 1,201 square feet to 2,434 square feet. Townhomes will range from 1,727 square feet to 2,293 square feet.

Lot sizes for the single family homes will run from 2,580 square feet to 3,690 square feet, hosting homes in four different floor plans ranging from 2,065 square feet to 3,708 square feet. Full design plans are available on the City of Alameda website.

TriPointe Homes and Catellus are planning the project.

The planning board meets Monday evening, at 7:00 p.m. in City Council chambers.

Artist rendition of the proposed mutlifamily buildings along 5th street.

Artist rendition of the proposed mutlifamily buildings along 5th street.

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