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City of Alameda to Update Housing Element for 2014 to 2022 Planning Period

City of Alameda planning department staff are starting the process of updating the city's housing element.At Monday’s Planning Board meeting, City of Alameda Planning Department staff provided an informational report on a plan to update the City’s housing element for the 2014 to 2022 planning period.

By law, the city has to have a housing element as part of it’s General Plan. The 2007 to 2014 Housing Element was finalized and approved in July of last year. According to the staff report, the updated element must be adopted by December of 2013. Over the coming months, planning department staff will schedule a series of public hearings to receive comment on the update.

Planning Department staff expect that the current inventory of land identified for housing should be sufficient to meet the city’s housing opportunity allocation from the Association of Bay Area Governments, due to the re-zoning of several parcels last year.

Land at Alameda Point is not included in the housing element completed last year, but is expected to be included in this new element due at the end of the year.

Included in the staff report is a summary table of six sites in the current inventory that have either been entitled or are the subject of preliminary development applications. Of note is a so-called “remnant parcel” at the intersection of Webster Street and Stargell Avenue, where a commercial development with no housing is proposed, although it is zoned for 61 multifamily units. Also, the city has an incomplete application on file to increase the Boatworks project to 240 multifamily units.

The full staff report is included below.

Housing Element Update

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