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Toxicology Tests Needed to Determine Cause of Death for 38-year old Alameda Woman

It may take up to two months for the Alameda County Coroner’s office to determine what caused the death of a 38-year old Alameda woman who was found dead at her home on the 1000 block of Santa Clara Avenue last Friday.

Alameda Police responded to a call for service at the Santa Clara Avenue home of Melanie Campbell, 38 years old, at 9:40 a.m. on Friday, May 10th, and found the woman deceased.

The Coroner’s office told Action Alameda News this morning that, as yet, they are unable to determine a cause of death.

Tipsters alerted Action Alameda News to police activity at the residence, noting three squad cars, the coroner’s van and a crime scene investigation vehicle. Later that day, a police spokesperson told Action Alameda News that the death was initially suspicious because the woman seemed too young to die of natural causes. However, police reported no signs foul play, and the coroner’s office did not give priority to an autopsy of the woman as they normally do in homicide cases.

Ms. Campbell is survived by a minor child and the child’s father. A Google+ page for a Melanie Campbell living in Alameda said she worked at John Muir Medical Center and attended Yale University.

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