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Scobie’s Fight Prompts License Review

Repeated fights outside of Scobie's Bar have authorities reviewing the bar's business and liquor licenses. (Google Street View)

Repeated fights outside of Scobie’s Bar have authorities reviewing the bar’s business and liquor licenses. (Google Street View)

Alameda Police say they are stepping up enforcement efforts in and around Scobie’s Bar on Central Avenue, and reviewing the establishment’s business and liquor licenses after a weekend fight spilled out on the street involving as many as 30 people and resulted in a man being stabbed.

Police say that early Sunday morning, May 19th, a fight broke out at the bar among 6 to 7 adult females, and the fight spilled out onto the street. Then, 3 to 4 separate fights broke out involving anywhere from 20 to 30 other patrons.

When officers arrived, they found an adult male lying face down on the 2400 block of Central Avenue with multiple stab wounds to his back; his wounds were deemed non-life threatening.

According to the police, the stabbing victim was uncooperative, and all parties contacted on-scene were extremely intoxicated.

Police say that there have been many violent incidents at the bar over the past 18 months, including another stabbing a few months back. Police have also arrested a Scobie’s patron for possession of a loaded handgun. The department has stepped up patrols since then, and in recent weeks those patrols have resulted in a decrease of incidents, until this past weekend.

The Alameda Police Department says it will resume directed enforcement efforts at the bar and in the area, and that it is pushing for a review of the bar’s licenses.

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