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City of Alameda Moving to Evict Alameda Point Tenant

The City of Alameda is moving to evict a $29,000/month tenant from Alameda Point.Next week, Alameda City Council will get an update on a court action intended to evict GRM Information Management Services of San Francisco from their leased space at Alameda Point. The City says the company owes roughly $176,000 in rent for the last half of last year.

Court records show that the city started the eviction process in December of last year, regarding property leased at 707 West Tower Avenue, Building 9.

But the tenant says the City of Alameda is owed nothing. In its response to the unlawful detainer filing, GRM said that it reported in June of last year that structural floor decking around columns supporting the roof of the building, rendering the property unsafe and unsuitable for record storage, GRM’s use of the building. GRM asserts that the City of Alameda did nothing to fix the problem.

Further, GRM says that the City of Alameda failed to maintain security at the property, which allowed vandals to break windows in the building, creating the risk of a fire.

GRM has been working to remove some 400,000 bankers boxes of paper from the 80,000 square foot building.

The company says that it owes the City of Alameda nothing, as the city did not take action to remedy these two problems, despite CRM having reported them earlier last year.

The case is RG12660417 in Alameda County Superior Court.

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