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School District Issues, Concerns, Spill Out on Facebook

The Alameda Unified School District has put off, for now, a renewed attempt to purchase their leased headquarters at 2060 Challenger Drive. (Action Alameda News)

The Alameda Unified School District has put off, for now, a renewed attempt to purchase their leased headquarters at 2060 Challenger Drive. (Action Alameda News)

Dissident Alameda Unified School District Trustee Trish Spencer’s Facebook page has become a regular forum for Alameda parents and residents to blow off steam over District decisions.

Ms. Spencer routinely posts advance notice of upcoming meetings, and post mortems of meetings, to her Facebook page, which invariably draw comments, jibes at the district, and scathing remarks.

On the California Supreme Court’s recent decision to deny reconsideration the school district’s loss in the Measure H lawsuit, one participant wrote, “Just like what you said would happen, Trish! And how much money later is this? Money that could of been used for our teachers and students and facilities and school staff and on and on.”

And after Spencer posted that, at a meeting earlier this week, no board members stepped forward to support a proposed purchase of 2060 Challenger Drive, another wrote, referring to the Supreme Court decision, “Thanks Trish. I’m sure they are glad they didn’t support it after receiving the news today.”

There’s also evidence of increasing political militancy, with one social medialite writing, about the move of ACLC to Wood Middle school, “I will definitely be involved in the next election! You can count on that! From social & online media and establishing neighborhood captains! We will rise again!” and another writing, “It seems like [Superintendent Kirsten] Vital and [Assistant Superintendent Sean] McPheteridge think that we are all stupid. I understand that you have to consider fire lanes and other clearances when adding buildings to property. I drove by Encinal and Wood and its quite clear to me that you could more easily add the portables to Encinal if you didn’t try to have them next to each other. It seems that putting them at Wood would cause more problems. So three board members are just a rubber stamp for the Superintendent and her plans regardless of how it effects the kids.”

When Spencer questioned why Superintendent Vital should cry over the announcement of Mr. McPheteridge’s resignation, while the board was argumentative and defensive as parents and students “poured out their hearts” over the ACLC move, responses were likewise tough, “we need to stop being polite and start getting angry. sometimes expressing anger (in productive manner) is an appropriate and necessary response. the fate of our schools and our children’s future warrants people getting angry. our elected officials and higher ups count on the rest of us giving in when when the going gets tough. it may be time for a revolution.”

Spencer was re-elected to the board for another four year term last November.

Agitated voters will have their say at the ballot box next November, when board members Mike McMahon and Margie Sherratt are up for re-election.

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