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Bomb Scare at Crab Cove on Friday

For information on the July 3rd, 2013, incident, click here.

Updated, June 16th, 2013, 12:08 p.m….

East Bay Regional Parks Police have confirmed there was a bomb scare at Crab Cove on Friday evening, after the “Concert at the Cove” concert ended. The Alameda County Bomb Squad was called and detonated what may have been a pipe bomb placed at the base of a tree.

Lt. King of the East Bay Regional Parks Police department told Action Alameda News that at around 8:45 p.m., a park ranger, in the normal course of his duties, observed a suspicious package placed at the base of a tree, west of the Glory of the Sea building at the foot of McKay Street.

Lt. King describe the package as a pipe that was capped with a fuse sticking out.

According to Lt. King, the ranger notified East Bay Regional Police officers in the park who cleared the area and established a 150 yard perimeter.

The Alameda County Bomb Squad was called in, and they detonated the device in place. The Alameda Fire Department and Alameda Police Department were on standby.

An Action Alameda News reader alerted us to the event, with this e-mail this morning (below), and they asked their name be withheld.


After the Friday at the Park Concert ended, it was time for an evening dog walk along the shoreline path. After passing the visitor center at Crab Cove, we approached the finger of broken cement that reaches towards Ballena Bay. Suddenly two figures came rushing towards us from behind, beckoning us to come towards them. It was 9:15 PM and nearly dark. The two dark figures had no lights, no identification and were demanding that we run – not walk towards them.

One of them started begging “Please, please come here, run.” My companion astutely demanded they identify themselves, which they did. “We’re the police” Whoa I thought, the police? Next they burbled out a “There’s a bomb! Run get over here quickly”

We walked cautiously towards them. One of my dogs had already alerted on the two, giving warning growls as they approached. The other did not alert, just assumed his protective position between me and the two persons. The two did not notice they were the subjects of the two dogs’ serious and focused concern.

Only when they advised they were police upon our demand, did we approach. And yes, they were wearing police uniforms! EAST BAY REGIONAL PARK POLICE UNIFORMS!

The smaller of the two was openly frightened at the situation, and the voice used was full of fear, not confidence or in control. I have never heard a police officer sound so frightened.

Apparently, we had strolled past an unmanned bomb perimeter extending hundreds of feet into Crab Cove. No one was present, there were no signs or lights telling anyone to keep out, and no one was aware that park users, use the park. As we left the area, other patrons were entering.


1. If there is a bomb, or even a threat, have persons guard the perimeter, do not leave it unattended.
2. Use the City of Alameda warning system to notify residents of Crown Harbor and the Shuwa complex or other affected areas. That is why it exists. If you don’t know about it, update your resource base. Not just for Alameda, but other cities where EBRPD has parks.
3. If you don’t have any experience around canines, don’t approach them – even on leashes. They can sense your fear and react accordingly.
4. If you don’t have enough person power, ask APD.

I expect more of this stuff will happen in the future, so I write this in the hope someone will take note and take better care of the unsuspecting public.

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