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Navy Begins Landfill Cleanup at Alameda Point

The United States Navy has begun cleanup of a site at Alameda Point that, from 1956 and 1978, was the primary landfill facility for Naval Air Station Alameda.

According to a fact sheet mailed out by the Navy, the site is open space, except for two earthen bunkers formerly used to store ammunition; there are also two ponds located on the site.

To remedy the site, existing vegetation will be moved and clean fill material will be brought in by barge from off-base projects. The Navy will also reuse clean material from other sites on the base.

The fill will be used to create a multilayer soil cover some two feet thick to isolate the waste. Radiological surface scans and soil samples will be taken to identify any hot spots, which will be remediated to a depth of one foot and backfilled with clean material.

Landfill gas monitoring probes will be installed around the perimeter of the site.

Land use restrictions on the property will be implemented, and the final layer of top soil will be seeded with local species of grass.

The remediation effort is expected to be completed in mid-December of this year.

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