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City of Alameda to Smoke-out Your Sewer

The City of Alameda is conducting smoke tests on sewers to identify defects and illicit connections.Engineers working on behalf of the City of Alameda will be conducting smoke tests on sewer lines in west-central Alameda neighborhoods later this week.

The purpose is to find defects in the sewer lines and identify illicit sewer connections. Crews are walking door-to-door to deliver notices of the upcoming testing.

The process involves blowing a harmless smoke into the sewer lines to find leaks. The so-called P-traps in toilet and sink plumbing hold water, and should prevent the smoke from entering residences or businesses.

The notice flyers advise residents or business owners to contact crews are call the Department of Public Works at (510)747-7900 if they find smoke entering their building. The smoke should quickly clear with proper ventilation in the event it leaks inside.

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