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Sign-up for Marriage Equality Wedding Day

The City of Alameda plans to schedule a Marriage Equality Wedding Day, a day that will see City officials conduct as many same-sex weddings as possible in one day. The date is at least one month out, as the U.S. Supreme Court and State of California wait for the dust to settle on this week’s ruling regarding Proposition 8 (2008), the California ballot measure banning same-sex marriage.

Interested couples can place their name on the waiting list by calling the Alameda City Clerk at 510-747-4800.

Yesterday, Alameda County issued a press release indicating that it is preparing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, and will begin to do so once the Ninth Circuit Court lifts its stay which temporarily keeps Proposition 8 in effect.

Like the City of Alameda, Alameda County also performs marriage ceremonies.

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