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Alameda Closing North end of Main Street for July 4th

alameda-fourth-of-july-paradeAlameda Interim Police Chief Paul Rolleri said that officials are closing off the North end of Main Street this evening to prevent unofficial fireworks displays that have taken place there along the estuary in past years.

The police department is aware of complaints from the public about prohibited fireworks, and some problem neighborhoods, and Chief Rolleri said, “we hope to be able to respond quickly enough to confiscate fireworks and issue citations when appropriate.”

Alameda’s municipal code prohibits the discharge of any fireworks within city limits.

Rolleri said that the department does occasionally receive complaints of celebratory gunfire during 4th of July celebrations, but not so frequent as to justify the purchase of a “Shot Spotter” gunfire location system.

The Newark-based vendor of that technology held a press conference at their headquarters earlier this week that included representatives from Bay area police departments that use their product, including the Oakland Police Department. Their announcement stated that celebratory gunfire remains a problem in many cities, particularly during the 4th of July holiday season.

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