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STAR Test Results for 2013 Show Continuing Achievment Gap in Alameda Schools

The achievement gap persists in Alameda schools. (Action Alameda News)

The achievement gap persists in Alameda schools. (Action Alameda News)

Despite some test score gains, the achievement gap for in Alameda schools for African-American, Hispanic and Latino students continues.

The California Department of Education released 2013 STAR testing data last week, and the Alameda Unified School District followed that with a press release citing district-wide gains in the California Standards Test.

“Grades 7, 10 and 11 showed increased percentages of students scoring proficient and advanced in English Language Arts,” school district officials announced.

And, “geometry scores for African American/Black students increased by 15% and for Hispanic/Latino student’s scores increased by 10.6 percent.”

However, an analysis of Alameda test data provided through the California Department of Education’s website shows that, overall, only 13 percent of African-American and 17 percent of Hispanic/Latino students test at an “advanced” level, compared to 40 percent of Chinese students, 35 percent of students who identify as “Asian” and 32 percent of students who identify as “white.”

Action Alameda News is making available the extracted Alameda Unified School District dataset in Excel format here.

The school district expects to report Academic Performance Index (API) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) scores in September, as that data is released by the State of California.

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