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Alameda School District Placed in Program Improvement

The Alameda Unified School District has been placed in Year 1 of Program Improvmeent under No Child Left Behind. (File Photo)

The Alameda Unified School District has been placed in Year 1 of Program Improvement under No Child Left Behind. (File Photo)

A modest increase in the overall API wasn’t enough to keep the Alameda Unified School District out of year one of Program Improvement under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Alameda Unified School District’s overall 2013 Academic Performance Index (API) rank improved from 847 in 2012 to 852 in 2013. However, the district did not meet its English Language Arts and Math proficiency targets, meaning its been placed in Program Improvement Year 1 under the federal law.

Likewise, three individual Alameda schools remain in Program Improvement, which means they have not shown adequate progress in English Language Arts or Math for two consecutive years. Paden Elementary is now in Program Improvement Year 2, Ruby Bridges Elementary in Year 3, and Wood Middle School is in Year 4. These schools are at risk of federal sanctions, such as closure, replacing staff, or converting to charter schools.

Overall, the district claimed “Safe Harbor” provisions for the Asian, Filipino and Hispanic/Latino student subgroups, to claim Annual Yearly Progress success, despite those groups not actually achieving objectives.

Maya Lin School, a perennial non-performer in its previous incarnation as Washington Elementary, saw a 71 point increase in API after converting to a magnet school program.

Fully reporting is available on the California Department of Education website, under School Level API reports.

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