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Gun Reports Unfounded, Police Say

Update, 3:30 p.m. – Alameda police said that Bobby S Jamison, 26, whose DMV records list an Alameda post-office box as an address, was arrested on a misdemeanor violation under the Health and Safety Code, and released on a citation.

Reports of a man carrying a gun near a west-end school this morning were unfounded, Alameda police said this afternoon.

Just before 10:00 a.m. this morning, the Alameda Police Department received a report about a man with a gun at the corner of Buena Vista Avenue and Poggi Street, near the rear school yard of campus at 401 Pacific Avenue. The campus is home to two charter schools, the Alameda Academy, and the Nea Community Learning Center Lower Village K-5 school.

At least five area schools – Island High School, Alternatives in Action, Woodstock Child Development Center, Nea Community Learning Center and the Alameda Academy – went into lockdown while police officers searched the neighborhood for the man.

The lockdown was brief, only about 15 minutes, as police located the person a few blocks away at 5th and Lincoln Avenue; the reporting witness positively identified the man as the person she had originally called police about.

Police have not yet released the man’s details, but he was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, a narcotics pipe according to one non-police source, and was found to be in possession of a cellular phone, which police think may have been mistaken for a weapon.

A search of the surrounding area produced no weapon that might have been discarded by the suspect.

Alameda police say that established protocols and procedures worked effectively, and despite the initial report, no body was ever in danger.

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