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Review: Skylanders SwapForce

SwapForce is the latest game in the Skylanders series.

SwapForce is the latest game in the Skylanders series.

by Lawson Howard (age: 10)
Swapforce is a game with new Skylanders characters. You can swap these characters tops and bottom, and they have a new upgrade machine. It’s called the “Power Pod.” The base is called Woodburrow, and the new villan is Kaos’s mother. Kaos is using an ‘evilizer’ machine to turn anything evil.

You can get the starter pack from Target, Best Buy, or any store that sells electronics. News Flash! Office Max sells Skylanders too. You can play with family and friends.

There are 12-16 levels in the game. You can bring giants in, swappers, and core characters. Core characters are the regular size Skylanders. The Swap Force starter pack come’s with WashBuckler, Ninja Stealth Elf, and BlastZone. You can also jump in this game, and the controls are different too.

If you like Skylanders as much as I do and you get the starter pack, you’ll be very excited. There are two parts to one level. To get the controls right, A=jump, B=first attack, C=second attack and Z=third attack.

When you put a swapper on the portal of power, you will see a line go across the screen diagonally. When you see that line, that means the Skylander you put on is a swapper.

Skylanders Swap Force is set at a time when the Skylanders had to protect a magical volcano. Once it erupted, the Skylanders banged into each other, then they had different tops and bottoms. Then they were blown away from Skylands.

In Skylanders Giants, the characters were vanished by the Arkean robot king’s iron fist of Arkus.

In Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, Kaos blew up the Core of Light and then the Skylanders got trapped in electricity balls and then pulled to Earth and away from Skylands.

Two of my close friends have all three Skylanders starter packs too.

Skylanders is a two player game. In the first game, Spyro’s Adventure, Flyn, the guide pilot, flew in a hot-air-balloon. In the second, he traveled by a flying boat, and now he travels by a bird.

Skylanders Swap Force is a cool game to play. You can play it on Wii, Nintendo, Xbox 360, and Playstation.

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