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Alameda Public Affairs Forum, January and February 2014 Events

From The Alameda Public Affairs Forum…

Saturday, January 11, 2014: “The Tibetan Struggle for Freedom”
GIOVANNI Vassalo, President of the Bay Area Friends of Tibet .

We met him in October when members of the group protested the raising of the Chinese flag over Alameda City Hall ostensibly to a “Sister-City” relationship with a city in China . There is a growing concern about the encroachment of the Chinese government projects in the Bay Area and across the nation. We stand for friendship with the Chinese people, not the Chinese government, which has a very poor human rights track record. A few weeks ago the Chinese communist party affirmed the dictatorship of the party-democratic reform is not on the agenda and never has been. Tibet , as Mr. Vassalo will tell us, is in a cruel and oppressive hold by the Chinese Government. Basic democratic rights to national self-determination and religious freedom are denied.

Saturday, February 8, 2014: “The Importance of a Free Press to a Democratic Society in an Age of Internet Journalism”
John Diaz, Editorial Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle

We are very proud that the Chronicle has taken a strong stand against government attacks on American freedom of the press and the intrusion of its international surveillance programs.

Forums are
7-9 PM in the library conference room
Come at 6:30 PM for a potluck of refreshments and snacks to share with friends
1550 Oak and Lincoln , Entrance and parking in the rear
Questions and discussion following the speaker’s presentation
Literature about Tibet and information about human rights in China will be available
Admission fee not required, but donations are welcome

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