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Ferry Facility Design Hearing Tonight

WETA proposes a four-story building and maintenance facilities to support Bay ferries.

WETA proposes a four-story building and maintenance facilities to support Bay ferries.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is holding a design committee review in San Francisco tonight to consider a proposal for a Bay ferry operations and maintenance facility at Alameda Point.

The Water Emergency Transit Authority (WETA) and the City of Alameda are jointly proposing the facility, which would include a four-story operations and maintenance building with a 6,100 square-foot footprint, floating berthing facilities for 12 vessels, and a 13,500 square-foot yard area.

WETA operates ferry service to Alameda (Main Street, and Bay Farm Island), Oakland, San Francisco, South San Francisco, and Vallejo as San Francisco Bay Ferry.

The site of the proposed facility is just south of the existing deep water peers at Alameda Point where the USS Hornet museum, and U.S. Maritime Administration stand-by vessels are currently berthed.

The first floor of the 70 foot, four-story, building would include maintenance and engineering workshops that open onto the yard. The remaining floors of the building would be devoted to storage, dispatch operations, and administrative offices.

The project would also improve parkland, owned by the City of Alameda, next door to the ferry maintenance site. The existing Bay Trail section and the south shore would be extended 289 feet and some 6,850 square-feet of park would be landscaped and enhanced with new trees planted and benches added.

As a portion of the project site falls within the Commission’s jurisdiction, the design review board must evaluate whether or not the project provides adequate public access to the Bay and shoreline, whether the project could be changed to improve public access and whether the project is well-designed, useful and attractive.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the BCDC McAteer Petris Conference Room, 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 10600 San Francisco, CA.

The presentation for the meeting is reproduced below.

Proposed WETA Facility for Alameda Point

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