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Housing Market Turnover Advances Proposition 13 Base-year Assessments

alameda-county-prop-13-base-year-chartThe turnover of ownership of property in Alameda County is advancing Proposition 13 base year assessment dates, data from the county tax assessor’s office show.

According to data published in the Alameda County Tax Assessor’s 2013 to 2014 Annual Report, properties representing 72.81 percent of the county-wide total assessment of $202,708,459,953 have a Proposition 13 base year of 1991 or later.

In 2010, Action Alameda News reported that the equivalent figure from the 2010 to 2011 annual report was lower, at 70 percent.

Looking back to the beginning of Proposition 13, the current tax assessor’s report shows that properties representing 3.39 percent of the total assessment (69,892 parcels) have a base year of 1975 to 1981; in 2010, that figure was 3.75 percent, representing 77,225 parcels.

Some 188,451 parcels, or 42.18 percent of all parcels in the assessment, representing 60 percent of the total assessed value, have a base year of 2004 or later.


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