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Shoreline Drive Bikeway Project Moving Forward

The City of Alameda plans to build a cycle track similar to this one on Shoreline Drive. (Jonathan Maus)

The City of Alameda plans to build a cycle track similar to this one, on Shoreline Drive. (Jonathan Maus)

A proposal to reduce automobile traffic lanes and parking spaces on Shoreline Drive in favor of a bicycle track, at an estimated cost of $972,000 is moving forward. The item comes before Alameda City Council at a special meeting in early March.

The project calls for a 1.8 mile long two-way bicycle track, separated from the automobile travel lanes on Shoreline Drive, to run from Broadway, along the south slide of Shoreline, and then along the west side of Westline Drive to Otis Drive.

At least one westbound vehicular travel lane will be removed to make way for the cycle track, and the total number of on-street parking spaces along that stretch of road will drop from 617 to 431.

The total number of twenty-four hour parking spaces will increase from 272 to 377, but the total number of night only parking spaces will drop precipitously from 343 to 47.

The westbound bus stop on Shoreline Drive at Kitty Hawk road will be moved across the intersection in the name of pedestrian safety, and the eastbound midblock bus stop between Kitty Hawk Road and Willow Street will be eliminated to discourage pedestrians from crossing in the middle of the block.

Funding will come in the form of roughly $555,000 in local citywide development fee funds and Metropolitan Transportation Commission matching funds, and $416,400 in grant money from Caltrans.

Alameda City Council meets at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 4th, in council chambers at city hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue.

2 comments to Shoreline Drive Bikeway Project Moving Forward

  • cfg

    At the Public Input meetings, the community was promised more disabled parking spaces to improve access to the beach & bird-watching for people who cannot cycle or walk very far. Unfortunately in the final plans, almost all of those parking spaces have been erased!

  • Jeff Paterson

    Fantastic that this is finally going to get done, hopefully. I’d be amazing to extend this track up to the point, and down to Bay Farm.

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