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Complicated AUSD Land Deal Back Before the Board

A complex land deal is back before the school district board tomorrow.

A complex land deal is back before the school district board tomorrow.

A complex land for swimming-pool-fixes swap comes before the Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees tomorrow.

The item came up previously last fall, with the school district looking to trade some parcels with the City of Alameda for cash, which the district would use to fund swimming pool repairs.

At that time, the school district confirmed that it had no appraised value for the Tidelands Trust parcels it was looking to turn over to the City of Alameda.

The board packet for tomorrow night’s meeting doesn’t give any indication that has changed.

It does however suggest that more property is being roped into the deal – the current proposal would see the school district also turn over to the City of Alameda Housing Authority the former Island High School site in the Wedgewood neighborhood.

Through many conversations with the City of Alameda and the Housing Authority, the proposed agreement is being presented. The District has many needs to be addressed: 1) Encinal pool is in need of major repairs; 2) space for future growth of Alameda students; and, 3) certainty around the currently contested or contingent claims on land in Alameda.

Details are left vague, but the staff report explains the deal this way:

The current status has many components which have a direct effect on the District. Currently, the District has a contested deed to the Tidelands parcel, the future right to a 12-acre parcel at Alameda Point, and the deed to old Island High School. The City has the deed to a 20-acre parcel in Alameda Point.

There are three major steps towards resolution:

  1. The City transfers $750,000 to the District for pool repairs and AUSD rescinds its deed to the Tidelands property, returning title to the City.
  2. The City conveys the 20-acre parcel at Alameda Point to the Housing Authority and AUSD releases the City from the obligation to the 12-acre parcel at Alameda Point.
  3. The District transfers the title of the old Island High School site in exchange for $1.2m and the 20-acre parcel at Alameda Point.

Upon approval of the agreement by all parties, the District will receive $1.95m in cash ($1.9m for pool repairs and $50,000 for legal fees), the City will regain the Tidelands parcel and the Housing Authority will receive the deed to the old Island High School site.

The plan is to bring the deal before Alameda City Council on March 4th, back to the school board on March 11th, and then take it to the Housing Authority on March 19th.

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