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Alameda’s Elder Care Alliance to Expand Successful Employee Wellness Program

alameda-eldercare-allianceAlameda’s Elder Care Alliance is expanding a successful employee wellness program at all its locations, by way of a partnership with LIFT-Levántate.

Elder Care Alliance operates six senior housing communities in California, with three in the East Bay, one in San Francisco, one in San Rafael, and one in Camarillo, in Southern California.

A 60-day pilot project at the San Rafael location last fall proved successful, so the non-profit is expanding the program to all facilities.

Through the program, caregivers, housekeepers, culinary staff, and other employees participate in nutrition, physical activity, and life skills classes. Health coaches are also available for individual counseling.

The partnership with LIFT-Levántate’s allows participants to benefit from that organization’s existing relationships, which provide, for example, fresh fruits and vegetables for the facilities.

“Elder Care Alliance is a learning-centered organization, meaning we are constantly asking ourselves how we might do things better and are open to trying new ways to achieve greater impact,” said Adriene Iverson, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Elder Care Alliance. “We also value collaboration in order to more fully care for the older adults we serve. Partnering with LIFT-Levántate is a way for us to further invest in residents’ wellness by investing in employee wellness.”

The two organizations say that it’s critical for elder care givers to first take care of themselves, to best be able to care for others.

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