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Alameda Police Confirm Water Rescue of Adult Female at Crown Beach This Evening

Updated: – 3/21/14 1:45 p.m.: An Alameda police department spokesperson told Action Alameda News that a 54 year old woman had entered the water, and subsequently, bystanders observed her a couple hundred yards offshore and apparently in distress, at which point they called 9-1-1. Two Alameda police officers, one trained as a rescue swimmer and the other, a boat operator, were the first to arrive on scene. Those officers stripped off their equipment and entered the water, approaching within 15 feet of the woman and speaking with her. Alameda Fire Department rescue personnel then approached on a boat and pulled her from the water.

Via Twitter, Alameda police have confirmed the water rescue this evening, just after 7:00 p.m. of an adult female, in the water off of Crown Beach along Shore Line Drive.

Shortly after 7:00 p.m. this evening, an eyewitness sent real-time reports to Action Alameda News of fire department and police activity on the beach. According to the eye witness, two Alameda police officers, in full uniform, were entering the water with a life preserver in hand.

They were later followed by Alameda Fire Department rescuers in a boat, and an unidentified man, but presumably a fire department rescuer, on a paddle board.

A helicopter arrived on scene as well, but the eye witness said it didn’t appear to be a U.S. Coast Guard craft.

The eye witness was unable to determine who was being rescued, but Alameda police confirmed at around 9:00 p.m. that the rescue activities pulled an adult female out of the water who was then taken by ambulance to Alameda Hospital where she is being evaluated. Police said she was alert and responsive when pulled from the water.

Alameda police promised more information in the morning.

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